Meet the Team - Arnar Larusson

Arnar Larusson - Co-Founder and CEO 

Arnar is a Mechanical Engineer by training and has a decade of experience working at the intersection of engineering and human physiology. Prior to founding Tyme Wear, he helped develop novel mechanical prosthetic knee's in the R&D of Össur, a world leader in prosthetics and orthotics, and as a Research Fellow at Harvard University he helped develop the world's first soft exosuit that lowered the metabolic cost of walking. While still in college, he got his first taste of entrepreneurship when he was frustrated by the lack of hands-on learning at the University of Iceland. To solve this he founded a team of fellow students to design and build electric race cars. He successfully raised over $200,000 from sponsors and partners, built two race cars, and was able to get the project turned into an accredited course by the University. Today, the project continues to thrive with over 50 engineering students each year learning hands on engineering, design, manufacturing, and project leadership.