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tyme smart shirt

Included in membership. Smart shirt that tracks Respiration and Biomechanics. Designed for comfort and working out. Performance fabric, nylon-polyester blend. Lightweight, sweat-wicking, quick drying. 100% machine washable.

Tyme App

Get performance lab results right to your phone. Connect to your Tyme Smart Shirt and test anywhere, anytime. Easily measure your Thresholds and VO2max. Track your baseline and progress with lab accuracy in minutes.

Performance lab accuracy

Tyme Wear's Threshold detection was compared directly to a Metabolic Cart at a Sports Clinic in a study that included normal to advanced athletes. Comparison data shown is from one of the subjects in the study. Published with their approval.

Membership: $50/month

$150 to start with 3 month initial commitment.

Tyme Wear Smart Shirt and shipping included.

Opt-in/Opt-out any time after 3 months. No additional charge.

100% customer satisfaction and money back guaranteed. 

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