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Downloading the mobile app

The app can be found on the iOS App Store and Android Play Store under the name Tyme Wear. Once downloaded, create an account in the app and login to start the onboarding process. While setting up the account the app will ask for some basic information along with instructions on how to add the Tyme Wear app to an Apple watch and linking a Garmin Connect account with Tyme Wear for seamless data integration.

The home screens

The main toolbar in the app has a Workouts section and a Thresholds section as well as a start button to start collecting threshold test data, breathing calibration or workout data. As the names indicate, the workouts and thresholds sections house analysis of the respective activity types. The pod icon in the top right corner indicates whether a pod is connected to the app and if so, what the battery level of that pod is. The top left corner shows the menu toolbar.

The menu bar

In the menu a user can edit their profile, manually update the pod settings and connections, connect external sensors, edit threshold test settings, view their full activity list, edit their account setup, access the help section for troubleshooting, and access the FAQs.