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Measure your Aerobic & Anaerobic Thresholds.

The Tyme Wear smart shirt tracks your breathing.

Tyme Wear vs Lab Test

Tyme Wear's Threshold detection was compared directly to a Metabolic Cart at a Sports Clinic. The study included normal to advanced athletes. Comparison data shown is from one of the subjects in the study. Published with their approval.


The App. Results on your phone.

Fitness Level: Guided test to measure your Aerobic, Anaerobic Thresholds and VO2max.

Training Zones: Know your ideal effort level for Base Building, Endurance, Lactate Buffering, and VO2max.

Race Potential: Your current potential to complete a
5km | 10km | Half Marathon | Marathon

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  • Threshold vs HRmax

    HRmax has 29% error margin at prescribing individual exercise intensity. (Kindermann, 1999)

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  • Ventilation vs. blood lactate

    Anaerobic Threshold determined by Ventilation and Blood Lactate. Statistically the same. (Okano, 2006)

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