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The Technology

Tyme Wear is a smart shirt with integrated sensors that communicate wirelessly to your phone or smart watch. The shirt has 36 hours of battery, and up to 24 hours of data storage.

The Smart Shirt

The Tyme Wear smart shirt has built in soft sensors that measure the airflow going in and out of your lungs, determining your metabolic profile from your Aerobic & Anaerobic Thresholds and VO2max. It also measures the movement of your center of mass 250 times per second in all 3 planes of motion, determining your Force Production, Running Power, Ground Contact Time, and Cadence.

The App

Tyme Wear’s app uses these advanced metrics as the foundation for an easy-to-use training guide. The app gives helpful insights and tracks your progress with the highest possible accuracy

The Smart Shirt

 How does it work?
The Tyme Wear smart shirt measures the airflow going in and out of your lungs, determining your Aerobic & Anaerobic Thresholds and VO2max.
Breathing vs Heart Rate?
Breathing reflects an individuals unique metabolic profile by identifying the inflection points where their Aerobic and Anaerobic Thresholds occur. Heart Rate relies on formulas that use an average of the human population to estimate an individuals unique Thresholds. These formulas have a 29% error margin. This means that an individual's Thresholds, when determined by Heart Rate, can be over or underestimated by as much as 29%.
 Will the shirt fit?
The smart shirt is form-fitting and made from a sweat wicking, lightweight, and high stretch performance fabric. We offer different sizes (S, M, L, XL) for men and (XS, S, M, L) for women.
Can I wash it?
Yes. Machine was warm, hang dry.
When and how do I use the smart shirt?
Wear the smart shirt during workouts and fitness assessments. You don’t have to wear the shirt every day, all day.
Can I get extra shirts?
Yes. We will have individual shirts available to purchase at launch.


 I still have questions
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 Do you offer wholesale discounts?
Yes. If interested in learning more, please email