Meet Tyme Wear

Your personal running coach.

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Every workout has a purpose.

Tyme Wear recommends a running workout customized to you, every day. Whether you follow our lead or chart your own path, know how each workout affected you and brought you closer to your goals.

Better data. Better results.

Respiration Tracking

Tyme Wear tracks the volume of air entering and exiting your lungs. Breathing determines your metabolic effort level and whether you are aerobic or anaerobic.

Threshold Detection

Tyme Wear analyzes your breathing pattern to determine your Threshold. Easily test yourself from a guided protocol in our App. 

Performance lab accuracy

Tyme Wear's Threshold Detection algorithm was found to be as accurate as a metabolic cart in a comparison study performed in a cardio-pulmonary performance lab.


Tyme Wear tracks your body's movement in all 3 planes of motion.

Gait Analysis

Track your ground contact time, force production, and cadence. 

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