Accessing my data – Tyme Wear™

Accessing my data

As mentioned above, all of the training data is housed on the web dashboard and some analysis is shown on the mobile app. All the basic stats about the metrics collected during the workouts are displayed in the app along with a metabolic training load calculation. The training load is also shown over a longer period of time showing a zoomed out view of the training plan.

The main analysis highlighted in the mobile app is the time spent in each training zone which paints the picture of whether or not your actual data matched the workout intention. You can see time spent in zone for individual workouts and for all workouts in a given time period such as the last 30 days or between two threshold tests.

The dashboard offers the data in two selectable plots. 

  1. The time series plot offers all the metrics available to compare behaviors in a linear fashion. 
  2. The comparison plot allows users to select two metrics to plot against one another on the X and Y axes. This is a great tool to see how the breathing metrics behave with respect to other metrics such as heart rate, pace, or power.