The Hardware – Tyme Wear™

The Hardware

The smart shirt and pod are the fundamental system that allow Tyme Wear to measure breathing. This article will explain what the system does, how it does it, and how to take care of it.

The Pod

The Pod is the brain of the system. It streams data live to the app, stores it for syncing after workouts, and measures the movement of the user. It broadcasts the breathing data through Bluetooth which means that it can now be read by the Tyme Wear mobile app and theTyme Wear Garmin IQ app at the same time. It’s equipped with an IMU which measures Acceleration and Angular Velocity in all three planes. 

The pod cannot be washed but it can connect to any shirt so while one needs to be washed the pod can be used with another shirt to make sure no data is lost.

Measuring Breathing

The Smart shirt is equipped with an integrated sensor that measures the user’s breathing from the expansion and contraction of their chest cavity. The raw signal that is received from the sensor is filtered and worked with until it yields the breathing rate (BR) and the tidal volume (VT), the volume of air in each breath. Together these two metrics create minute ventilation (VE) which unlocks all the insights Tyme Wear is able to provide.

Smart Shirt Care Guide

The Smart Shirt is machine washable and can withstand over 300 cycles in the washing machine and dryer. This is the highest standard in the industry. We recommend to hang-dry as it treats the fabric better but it can withstand the dryer as well.

Just remember to remove the pod from the shirt before washing!