The web dashboard – Tyme Wear™

The web dashboard

The web dashboard houses all of the data collected by a user. It’s a great place to dive deeper into the data than the analysis provided in the mobile app. When viewing individual workout data on the dashboard the user can import data from external sources through FIT files to sync with the Tyme Wear data. They can also export all the data that’s been synced up as CSV or FIT files.


The Profile Section

Apart from housing data the dashboard can be used to integrate with other platforms such as Garmin Connect to automatically sync workout data. This can be done in the profile section and there are more platform integrations coming soon! Finally, users can manually edit their threshold data if they feel that the associated metrics from their threshold tests don’t translate to their breathing data as well during workouts. This is a great way to hone in on threshold values in heart rate, pace, or power while using the minute ventilation (VE) signal as a guide.