What makes this program unique?
The Tyme Wear smart shirt gives you a metabolic lab at your fingertips. A team of elite level coaches and sport professionals using science will direct your season plan, each period of training, each training session all the way to race day. Your training zones and intensities will change and evolve just as you will as an athlete!
Why does Tyme Wear have three thresholds, when most systems only have one?
Traditional training relies on one known result, for example your FTP or Critical Power, that estimate the remaining zones. In reality, the result of an all out 20-30 min time trial is not reflective of your fat burning (VT1) or your VO2max ability. With Tyme Wear testing, each zone is specifically measured for you and your unique physiology.
How will the communication work with my coaching team?
It will begin with a conversation with Christine and Ari about your season, your goals and your history as an athlete. After completing the Tyme Wear testing, we will talk over the results including your new thresholds and zones and what they mean to you. We will have a plan set for the next macro cycle of training to begin! We utilize Slack to communicate, if you have a question or thought along the way. Each month we will meet via Zoom, discuss the previous block of training and plan for the next!
What software will be utilized?
The Tyme Wear app will direct your testing and track all your training. The history of your results and data will be on the Tyme Wear dashboard. We utilize TrainingPeaks to communicate workouts to you each day.
How do I find out if the program is right for me?
Let’s chat! Start with a 15 min call with Christine or Ari, learn more about the program and how it will work for you as an athlete.
How is success measured every month?
The testing with the Tyme Wear Smart Shirt for the run and bike will be done approximately every 4-6 weeks. The testing is specific to you as an athlete, your goals and training cycles.
Will my zones change over time?
YES! With Tyme Wear, we are able to detect changes in how your body utilizes energy (what your zones are reflective of) and we continuously update your zones to reflect these changes.
What are metabolic thresholds?
Metabolic thresholds are reflective of how your body utilizes energy. Traditional zone models estimate where your zones are. Tyme Wear measures them. Your zones are unique to only you! Every workout will be specific to these training zones.
How does the testing work?
Each test takes just 10-15 mins. After warming up on your bike or run, there will be a ramp that ends with the last 2-3 mins considered a hard effort. Our users consider this test significantly less taxing than traditional FTP tests or time trials.
Do I need to wear the Tyme Wear shirt for every workout?
It is not necessary, but the more you wear and record your data from your Tyme Wear shirt, the more we can help you improve as an athlete.
Is Tyme Wear better than getting my zones from a lab test?
Tyme Wear testing has been validated against a metabolic cart and was found to be as accurate across 200 tests. With lab testing you only receive a snapshot of your results on the day of the test. With Tyme Wear we continuously build upon your threshold results during every workout.