Workout Tutorial – Tyme Wear™

Workout Tutorial

Collecting breathing data during your workouts is a great way to validate your threshold results and get accurate data relating to those thresholds so that you can use them to guide your training. 

Pre-Workout: Connect external devices.

Before you start your workout make sure you connect any external devices you’d like to sync up with your data. You can connect them directly to the Tyme Wear app, complete a platform integration, or as a failsafe, you can always link a .fit file after the test. To learn more about connecting your devices click here.

Collecting Data With Your Phone

There are two main differentiators is how you collect your data. You can either have the phone with you during the workout or leave it behind. If your phone is with you the data collection is straightforward. Simply start the workout on the app, do the workout, and then save it when you’re done. You can have external devices stream data directly to the Tyme Wear app as long as it is in range.

Collecting Data Without Your Phone

There are, however, a few things that you need to keep in mind when collecting data without your phone. 

  1. You still need to start and end the workout in the app. So, start the workout in the Tyme Wear app before you begin your workout, then you can leave the phone behind before coming back to it in the end to stop and save the workout.
  2. External devices connected to the Tyme Wear app can’t stream data to the phone if you leave it behind so this is no longer an option. Instead you can do a platform integration or be ready to import a .fit file after your workout. To learn more about connecting your devices click here.
  3. When you come back to the phone, stop, and save the workout all the data from the workout needs to be sent from the pod to the phone. This takes longer than saving a workout where all the data is already on the phone so the uploading process can take longer. It’s important not to close the app while it is fetching the data from the pod and uploading to Tyme Wear servers. So, make sure you keep the phone open during syncing and uploading of the data.

Utilizing Your Thresholds in Training

If you have performed a threshold test and received results, you will see your thresholds on the live VE signal plot. This is to help you target your thresholds in training which has been shown to help athletes improve 2.5x faster than athletes using HR zones. To learn more about how training to your metabolic thresholds can help you click here.

Getting Workout Analysis

Once you’ve named, rated from 1-10, and saved your workouts they will be analyzed with respect to your thresholds (if you have them already). This analysis includes time spent in each zone, metabolic training load and a comprehensive overview of all the data available to you. This analysis is available in the app and if you’d like to dive deeper into your data, it is all available on the Tyme Wear Dashboard. If you’re interested in learning more about how to view and understand your data click here.